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Pet Dice - Plushie D20 for Pets

Pet Dice - Plushie D20 for Pets

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When playing your favorite ttrpg, do you find your pets wanting to join? Well look no more, because they now can have their own dice. Made from cotton fabrics and stuffed with delicious, organic cat nip and a squeaker toy, this d20 will be your pets new favorite toy. With their own die, they can start their own ttrpg game with their neighborhood friends - just don't forget to bring them some snacks!

This pet toy is about the size of a baseball and comes with catnip and a squeaker toy inside. The color of your toy will be a mystery depending on what our dice roll!

Do you want to buy this toy for your dog but you're worried about the catnip? Be safe in knowing catnip is safe for dogs and it can produce calming effects for your puppers.


Cotton fabric reinforced with fusible interfacing, screen printed by hand. Then sewn together and stuffed with catnip infused polyfill and a squeaker. Final seam sewn by hand.

All made in NY state by hand.

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